Peiltraining Horgenberg (05.06.2016)
Kategorie: Training
Karte/Gebiet: Horgenberg
Veranstalter: Albert und Leo
Land: Switzerland
Distanz: 5.91 km
Zeit: 51:25
Durchschnittspuls: 140
Maximalpuls: 180
Did not get into the same flow as last time. As you can see I was late for every single control.... thus I stood 3 minutes at yellow, 3 at green and three at magenta. For explaination: I ran counter-clock-wise. The color of my track marks the period I got the positioning signal from the control marked with the according color.
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Peiltraining Horgenberg (05.06.2016) Peiltraining Horgenberg (05.06.2016)