Jäfälla OK, lång, 1st part (05.05.2016)
Kategorie: Wettkampf
Karte/Gebiet: Kungsängen
Veranstalter: Järfälla OK
Land: Sverige
Disziplin: lång
Distanz: 5.76 km
Zeit: 51:14
Yeah. That was fun even though I made two epic mistakes. The first one was on the way in to the 3rd. Lost map contact and spent about eight minutes to relocate. I blame the map for that. Had a chat with Gila there :-). He could not save me either. Otherwise it could have turned out that he actually was not there but died the day before at som dogburrial in Switzerland... (-> this is a reference to Stan Ridgeways "Camourflage")... After that I got catched up by David Mellin which made me alter my speed ... with the consequences to be found in part 2 ...
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Jäfälla OK, lång, 1st part (05.05.2016) Jäfälla OK, lång, 1st part (05.05.2016)