Järfälla OK, lång part 2 (05.05.2016)
Kategorie: Wettkampf
Karte/Gebiet: Kungsängen
Veranstalter: Järfälla OK
Land: Sverige
Disziplin: lång
Distanz: 7.32 km
Zeit: 74:01
... and there came the second loop. After I lost contact with David. I stared to feel very tired. My last opponents passed me and my speed just dropped. Than the second last control came to be my personal iceberg. :-) It took me 25 minutes from 14 to finish. While Ivar Lundanes ran this in 3.40. A guy lying 17! minutes behind me at the 14th beat me with one second overall. :-) Yeah, That was an epic one. What I can say about it: There were many big time losses there, I was searching for this control alone (no other competiors left). There is definitively a map issue there inside the control circle (distance between knoll and contour is bigger in reality) as around the control circle (excessive use of form lines on a 2.5m equidistance map.... The funniest point in the drama was, that I actually passed the control after about 8 minutes in in my search, but I was totally sure that is could not be mine (even as I could not localize this "false control". Very funny. When I finally got it I just ran into the finish giving my elder daugther five at the run-in, which .... cost me this second which made me the last ranking. Nevermind. That was great fun after all.
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Järfälla OK, lång part 2 (05.05.2016) Järfälla OK, lång part 2 (05.05.2016)