Järladubbeln, lång (30.04.2016)
Kategorie: Wettkampf
Karte/Gebiet: Tyresta
Veranstalter: Järla IF
Land: Sverige
Disziplin: lång
Distanz: 11.02 km
Zeit: 102:52
Had severe problems getting in contact with the map... Lost contact definitively about 200m in front of the 2nd control. The map indeed is weird there. But yes. I made my come back and cruised all the way around. Of course I refused to take the vehicle track to the sixth (that was to far of a travel just to run track). All in all a very nice day.
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Järladubbeln, lång (30.04.2016) Järladubbeln, lång (30.04.2016)