ARDF Worldchampionships Classic 80m (06.09.2016)
Kategorie: Wettkampf
Karte/Gebiet: Izvorite
Veranstalter: BFRA
Land: Bulgaria
Disziplin: Classic 80m M40
Distanz: 8.16 km
Zeit: 68:14
Nice first classic for me. Learned a lot about my technical deficits. Mostly on the legs I do often fall back to walking speed and wait for the next emission. Furthermore I lost direction several time and I did not properly interpret the distance information given by the receiver. If I would do a proper compass work I just could race on. I actually found control 2,3 and 4 outside their emissions and I think this is the direction to go. Also more orienteering on the legs ... in the end I got a nice 11th position here.
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ARDF Worldchampionships Classic 80m (06.09.2016) ARDF Worldchampionships Classic 80m (06.09.2016)