ARDF World Championships Classic 2m (08.09.2016)
Kategorie: Wettkampf
Karte/Gebiet: Yarebichna
Veranstalter: BFRA
Land: Bulgaria
Disziplin: Classic 2m M40
Distanz: 9.82 km
Zeit: 107:29
Another nice and bitter lesson to learn. From the preparations I had a tactical concept to climb towards south directly after the start. I did so ignoring at least 3!! strong signals (control 1 I did not have to take showed towards the slope west from the start, control 2 gave a clear signal from the south east, our start channel was the one heading south east). Until I adapted my tactical setup I found myself pretty close to control 3 but did not realize that. Than I came into flow somhow. Than a stupid mistake at the approach of the 4th, where I got stuck in a dark green with my rather unflexible 2m antenna. Finally 5th was a fight all the way because I never got a honest direction signal as the control was rather hidden. That was indeed a tough race and according to this there was a lot to learn. 12th position but a lot left to improve.
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ARDF World Championships Classic 2m (08.09.2016) ARDF World Championships Classic 2m (08.09.2016)