NLZ Hardwald (26.02.2019)
Kategorie: Training
Karte/Gebiet: Hardwald
Veranstalter: NLZ
Land: Switzerland
Disziplin: Long
Distanz: 9.79 km
Zeit: 76:17
Perfect day out in the springwarm forest. Undergrowth still down. Fresh map. ... Used the training to test some ARMD stuff. Had my old casio with me set on 1 minute timer endlessly repeating. Thus beside the necessary map contacts every 60 seconds I checked the map, just to see if the detection would work. Did not have a tremendous flow though, but big fun it was. Looking forward to get my kanpas focus 200 back... :-)
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NLZ Hardwald (26.02.2019) NLZ Hardwald (26.02.2019)